Does Learning Languages Make Kids Smarter? Bialystok, Petitto and Gazzellone Share Their Thoughts | Multilingual Living

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Although we included this video in our May 1st Week in Review post, I wanted to create a separate post for it. Why? Because it is just that good! Watch it below

Open Doors‘s insight:

"There is a myth… that children learn languages automatically and for free…’s all they do for the first five years.  If adults had that opportunity, they would be very successful. The main difference between learning languages as a child and an adult is life."  Other ideas discussed include the importance of systematic, varied exposure over the number of minutes; that basic competence in multiple languages is part of our natural biological abilities; that bilingualism improves reading capabilities; and the differences between multi-lingual and mono-lingual children’s vocabulary.  The good news?  The ability to learn vocabulary is a capacity that does not diminish with age!  

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