Online Registration

Thank you for your interest and taking this next important step for your child.

The online registration form is a way for us to better manage your information and reduce our administration role – all with a purpose of keeping down costs without compromising quality (Open Doors is a not-for-profit association).

Please fill in the online form that can be found : here

Please note, your registration is not complete until we have received your non-refundable cheque of 250 Euros payable to Open Doors. Cheques will be offset against the fees for the year.

When committing to the registration you should be aware of the following information:

Class Numbers – Open Doors has traditionally offered a good quality ,English education and this is sustained by our continued belief in offering small classes .

At Open Doors parents are encouraged to speak to the teachers on a regular basis, as they are on hand to discuss work and to give advice on how to support children with their English learning. Parents should check homework and notebooks regularly, listen to their child read and/or discuss the books on a weekly basis.

We look forward to welcoming your child into our community.