Locations and Times


Open Doors run both Nursery and Primary School Classes

Nursery Classes

Tuition starts at 4 years old.

The current timetable is as follows:

4-5 years
(Maternelle 2)
Wednesday  12.30 – 3.30
5-6 year (Maternelle 3)



Wednesday  12.30 – 3.30



Primary School Classes

From nursery classes, children progress into Class 1 (in general when they enter  CP in French school) and can stay with us throughout primary school. They come one half-day a  week, on Wednesday afternoons:

Class 1 (CP),Class 2 (CE1),Class 3(CE2),Class 4(CM1), Class 5(CM2) Wednesday 1.15pm – 4.15pm


Address for the Maternelle Classes
Espace Culturel Jacques Kosciusko-Morizet
Place Henri Hamel
78860 St Nom la Breteche

Address for Primary Classes
Maison des Associations
9, Route de St Germain
78860 St Nom la Breteche


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