Testimonials from parents (selected quotes):

My middle son spent 2 years at Open Doors and improved his level enough to get into CE1 at the Lycée International (in St Germain en Laye). We love the Christmas show, the library and sports day.

I highly recommend this school if you want to maintain English for your kids. The efficiency of Open Doors is also highly considered by the Lycée.”

Aude Bechaux, Open Doors parent

“The teaching is great and the children have loads of fun in class.

Open Doors is a fantastic support that has grown my children’s confidence in English and is giving them the valuable bricks with which to continue building their English education as they go on into secondary education.”

Bridget Lousa, Open Doors parent


“Without any stress, my children were able to improve their English skills, thanks to the patience, the devotion and the great ideas from the teachers they had. They are now in international sections in French college and are doing well.”

Jane Byramjee, Open Doors parent

“I discovered that Open Doors was completely different from French school. My daughter loved and still loves coming every day and that’s because of the wonderful teachers we have.

During the Christmas Fair, book fair, Fête du Village and other fun events, I discovered many wonderful people.”

Richard Popa, Open Doors parent

“… the English program is organized and well executed. I find that it is the perfect complement to the public French school system without being overwhelming as many school English programs in our area are.
My children have received a solid base in English to continue to build upon and the best part is they enjoy learning English.
There are always great opportunities to get involved and meet other parents be it a Christmas fair, book sale or Sports Day!
Through the years I have met great people and my children have made many friends.”

Jackie Bourgin, Open Doors Parent

“Both of my children are in Open Doors and they love it! The system follows the British curriculum so I can be confident that they are learning in parallel to children back in the UK. It is intensive but fun – surely that is the way learning should be. For my children it really is the highlight of their week and for me it has introduced a community of English speaking families who want their children to succeed too.”

Andrea Grimes-Crompton, Open Doors Parent

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